Solidarity with Starbucks Workers United!

For Immediate Release
January 26, 2022

The Richmond Education Association (REA) stands in solidarity with Starbucks Workers United of the Greater Richmond Region in their struggle to unionize their workplaces and win the rights that all working people deserve. In December 2021, the REA won a campaign to reinstate collective bargaining rights for the employees of Richmond Public Schools. At the time of our victory, we proudly said that “Richmond is a union town!” We meant it: every worker in the city of Richmond has the right to form a union, and every worker deserves a say in the terms and conditions of their employment, however, to make this a reality we must stand united as a labor movement.

We know that many education workers rely upon Richmond’s baristas to get through their day. We stand in solidarity with Richmond’s Starbucks workers as they struggle to win dignity in their workplace, to collectively negotiate their contracts, and to expand economic justice and democracy for all working people.