On Richmond Virtual Academy

The Richmond Education Association (REA) supports the Richmond Virtual Academy (RVA) and its efforts to maintain equitable options to meet the diverse needs of Richmond Public Schools’ students and families.

RVA has provided a safe space for students to learn and thrive without fear of direct or indirect exposure to COVID-19. Just as transmission of the virus has not been reduced to zero, the need for RVA has not disappeared.

In preparation for structural changes to RVA for the 2022-2023 school year, Richmond Virtual Academy employees were given assurances by RPS Leadership that every effort would be made to provide a seamless transition for displaced RVA employees. In fact, employees were initially informed that they would need to compete with the general public for employment in RPS.

The Richmond Education Association stands in solidarity with RVA and its leadership in asking that the RPS School Board take actions that will continue to be beneficial for our students and colleagues.