On George Wythe H.S.

The Richmond Education Association (REA) understands that George Wythe High School has a dynamic history in Richmond and its students are pivotal to the future of our city.  

We imagine the future of George Wythe to be bright, however it is imperative that all stakeholders work together in order to achieve our goal of providing a high quality education and safe facilities to our students. We call on the Richmond City Council to transfer funds to the Richmond School Board. We are asking for the school board and city council to work together in order to approve the initial funding for the new George Wythe High School and also agree to the 1800 seat capacity.

The REA believes that every child has the right to a high quality public education in an environment that is safe and conducive to learning.  To that end, it is our belief that ALL parties MUST come together to make this a reality for George Wythe High School students and staff.  In times of such divisiveness in our world, our children deserve the best educational environment at all costs.  With that in mind, we stand with the George Wythe High School family and demand that all parties involved take a breath, remember what you were elected or hired to do, and be the bigger person.  Sometimes we have to take a step back to do the right thing.