The following resolution was adopted by the Richmond City School Board in 2018. We believe it is important for all union members to be familiar with their rights on the job, including their right to freedom of speech as protected by the U.S. Constitution, the Virginia Constitution, and the City of Richmond.

Whereas, freedom of speech is fundamental to a free society and is protected by the Constitution of the United States and the Virginia Constitution; and
Whereas, the School Board of the City of Richmond (“School Board”) recognizes that the expertise of its teachers, administrators and classified staff is essential to debates over school policy; and
Whereas, the School Board supports the right of school staff to advocate for public education and public school students in a way  that does not violate confidentiality laws, interfere with their work responsibilities; and
Whereas, employees experiencing reprisal or retaliation for exercising their freedom of speech rights are protected under School Board policy;
Therefore, Be It Resolved That; the School Board of the City of Richmond recognizes the importance of participation by school employees in public debate over local, state and national school policy, commends our staff for its past advocacy, and encourages school staff to continue speaking out for public school students and public education in a way that is consistent with their duties as educators.
Final Resolution: Motion Passes.
Aye: Kenya Gibson, Jonathan Young, Dawn Page, Elizabeth Doerr, Scott Barlow, Patrick Sapini, Linda Owen, Cheryl Burke.
Absent: Felicia Cosby.