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  • REA Statement on Proposal for Gambling Tax Revenue for Education Trust Fund and Casino

    Mayor Stoney and City Council have proposed using revenues from gambling to create a trust fund for childcare and education for the 2023 casino referendum. The trust fund proposal creates a headline without a real solution. Why establish a trust fund when more revenue should be dedicated to Richmond Public Schools? During the budget cycle…

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  • In Solidarity with Creighton Court Residents

    The Richmond Education Association (REA) stands in solidarity with the Creighton Court community and the struggle for housing justice in our city. It is our conviction that housing is a human right, and we believe we must fight for guaranteed dignified housing for all poor and low-income working people, not commodified, for-profit housing under the…

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  • On the RPS Data Breach

    The following statement was read by REA President Neri Suarez on Monday, August 21, 2023 at the Richmond City School Board meeting during public comment. On June 16, 2023 the School Board and Superintendent Kamras received an email from an RPS employee and REA member informing them of having access on their Talent Ed portal…

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